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19 May 2011

Alot of hot air - Balloons in the house

Arrived at 10am to pump up our large 3ft white spherical balloons, and it soon became clear, that it wasn't how many balloons two artists could fit into the glass house, but how long our arms would hold out pumping them up! We lasted until 1.15pm, when we had to rush off to next job, red in the face, leaving behind a ethereal surreal scene of beautiful happy balloons floating around celebrating....what?? (references to a 1960's cult tv show not intended, our balloons are lovely, although like the series questions of 'why' and 'what is it all about' do seem to come up).

The summer house being in the middle of a hospital courtyard, is surrounded by offices and waiting areas, on three floors, full of nurses, Dr's, staff and public, looking out onto it. I'm not sure we were an expected site, but hope we gave rise to the odd laugh, entertained waiting patients and created a stir or topic of conversation.
Which might have gone along the Marmite it ....or.....not...... but then the next fascination is around the corner. We loved it, a cool (well slightly humid) place to be for a morning. 

We would like to thank the kind staff for tea and sellotape.

13 May 2011

a summer of art in a summer glass house

Starting from now this glass house at the MRI in Manchester is becoming the home to magical....bizarre...funny....enlightening....fabulous installations. They may stay for 2 hours, 2 days, 2 months.
Look out next week to find out how many spherical white balloons 2 artists can fit into a glass summer house.

The Summer House

This is an artwork we did for the St Mary's maternity hospital in Manchester.
We imagined that when the builders came to excavate the site, they discovered a neglected Victorian summer house. Rather than disappear, it had become home to a rich and magical collection of nature and otherworldliness. In this story we thought that the builders might be inspired to leave the structure there and build around it; a representation of the beauty and continuity of life through change and adversity.

Pregnancy and birth are huge times of change and creativity and we dedicate this courtyard to all mothers and specifically to ours.