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14 March 2013

Update Chandelier NEWS or how cold can you go!

layers and too cold

moving day
In studio, a teaser of the structure


the cold, setbacks and moving forward!

Setbacks: the usual would be having a virus, or ill kids at this time of year, well or course we did that, and added a few extras challenges, A studio to cold to move our fingers in, Lauren recovering from a broken wrist, handy (excuse the pun) considering our work, having to buy new car (second hand) and a couple of the machines used by the designers building the structure broke, and the chain suppliers rather confused!! And we have still made progress on the beautiful Chandelier (I've left out a few things) SO any potential employers out there, we are awesomely skilled at working within challenging situations and overcoming hurdles!

The Beginning of Jan and a Happy bloody breezing New Year and our first Job was to move studio!! No mean feat. Our own Studio had become so cold that we could only manage 2 hours before retreating to a cafe to warm through and then do another couple of hours. We realised that our fingers just couldn't manage the dexterity needed for 2500 odd earrings.

Amazingly and Thank you, Lime Art came to our rescue, after exhausting all other options and were about to consider using my home, not really a viable option with two children, sitting around the the all purpose dining table in the main room would have given a whole new meaning of 'being consumed by ones art work'.

Now happily cosy and ensconced in temporary new studio, thought it would be time to share photos and where we are up to.

The electrics are in the Yard of the hospital, which will be the chandeliers first home. A big thank-you to Dawn of Lime Art who pushed this task through for us. I should explain that Lime Art is an award-winning arts charity within the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and has supported us from the beginning of the project.

We have had help from friends and family to put chain on parts of the structure, (little give away of how final sculpture might look) and to adjust earrings so they can hang, as well as fixing any broken earrings.
We now appreciate the enormity of attaching the row upon row of chain.........
Particular thanks to two Photographers Sara Duncan and Aine Porrill Poulton who have come in and helped to document the earrings and our work in their creative way.

Despite the set back with the structure, machines don't seem to understand deadlines, the structure is in the studio! Having tried various design combinations layouts with the earrings, and  much tweaking of the design  and how earrings can hang, we are very keen to start trial all of this on the final structure - exciting!

ps we have jinxed the heating here at Lime........oh no the Victorian boiler has broken!

12 December 2012

Kirstie's Vintage Home Channel 4-Art Deco Fan Lamp

Not a bad hair day insight!

Lights Camera action - filming day at our studio
We had very positive feedback about our part making an tiffany style art deco lamp in Kirstie's vintage homes, last Thursday on Channel 4, thank you everyone.
Friends have said we were 'naturals' on the telly.......we are open to programme offers!  I have to keep saying channel 4, as I can't yet believe we were on national telly.
 It was quite a process though, with us both being test filmed first, all bit worrying as they could have said NO, and we'd felt like wearing paper bags for the rest of our lives.

More importantly
Check out the scrap book page for a picture of what we made with Iman, and their Art deco living room has turned out a treat. I especially like the Sunburst mirror.   
we are episode 5 Iman and Heather.

So if you would like to make an Art Deco Fan lamp like this, You Can. 
We are now running one day courses starting in the new year. Buy one for yourselves or buy a Course as a Christmas Gift. 
We sell Christmas Gift tokens

The final art deco lamp before its rushed off for the Final reveal in Iman and Heather s Living room.
You too can make a lamp like this one!

06 December 2012

Kirstie Allsopps Vintage Homes – Channel 4

This is an exciting time for Sagar and Campbell, well possible 2 minutes of exciting time, we are on Kirstie Allsopps, Vintage Homes show tonight, on Channel 4!!
Showing off our teaching skills making a Tiffany style Art Deco Fan Lady Lamp, with Iman, whose house is being treated to a vintage maker-over.
Art Deco Fan Lamps
This is another part of our work, and also our starting point as artists, we both trained as stained glass artists and for as long as I can now remember have taught stained glass and related glass techniques to Adults, Community groups and School Children.  
Lauren at work in our studio
So we were very excited to be invited onto Kirstie’s show, to demonstrate and help make a lovely glass fan lamp for the living room.
We run Stained glass weekends at our studio in Manchester, and are now running a new one day workshop making an Art Deco Fan Lamp, the course dates and booking info can all be found on our web site, follow links, and also look at our progress with the Chandelier of Lost Earrings while you are there.
This was our first experience of being filmed for TV, a fascinating process, with much preliminary planning and filming giving a few minutes of fabulous telly!  And with the filming being in the middle of summer in our studio with the window closed (too much noise from outside) and camera studio lights on, an incredibly hot experience. The Raise the Roof production team all the way through the process were great, supportive and much fun, and work incredibly hard, their day seemed too started at about 5am, and I personally had never seen my studio at 6.30am before!
We would definitely do it again. Unless of course I look like I’m having a Bad Hair day on the telly tonight!! After having hair cut before filming, I tied it up (the heat) and for continuity had to leave it up, how vain.

Fantastical Earring Workshops

Having finished holding Earring Collection events, next on the agenda was the ‘fixing and mending and creating of fantastical earrings from all the donated beads, jewellery and broken pieces workshop’, not a very catchy title! The idea being that all the collected gifts can be hung on the chandelier. 
So a workshop title more simply put, ‘Earring Fun’ bringing out the playful and creative in us all. The participation in this art work has been Key all the way through; the art work doesn’t exist without the donations of earring and peoples stories.
We held workshops, in a ‘Drop-in’ Fashion, at our Studio in Rogue Studios, at the Whitworth Art Gallery and the surreal one at St Mary’s hospital, where the Chandelier will hang in its first home in the courtyard.
The pictures are from workshops and also showing sets or collections of earrings, we wanted to get our heads around all the different types of earrings donated, before we start the construct the chandelier proper.


Surreal workshops  - or where a workshop should and shouldn’t be held, a lesson learnt.

In St Marys hospital the main women’s and maternity unit, and where the concept of the chandelier began, we were to hold a drop in session for staff over a three hour period around lunch time.
We were set up in a teaching room, on the 2nd floor, maternity wards, with weird and wonderful hospital paraphernalia around us; a hospital bed, a plastic model birthing canal and lots and lots of glitzy jewels (that’s us).
We didn’t expect a fast crowd of people to run in, hospital staff are busy people......but it was devoid of sound, people, crying babies or even we had entered a different time zone... finally one man walked past.....twice,  probably thinking , ‘did I really just see a jewellery factory shop?” He didn’t come in.
So lesson learnt, we should have taken a tip from the TV show ‘Location, Location, Location’. Although it was advertised, and we know staff and nurses were interested, we had chatted to them about it at the collection events; we were not in a main thoroughfare or on the way to anywhere, as the expression goes ‘out of sight, out of mind! But fortunately we worked, made up lots of single earrings and had a laugh making up stories of where everyone had gone.
Flower Collections

Heart Collections

Sparkling Collections

Pear Drop threaded Collections

Just Lovely

12 November 2012

Events (The University of Manchester)

 Follow this blog for latest events at the Whitworth, and very soon we of Lost earring will be an event to0.

Events (The University of Manchester)

Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester

Tuesday 4th December from 1pm - 3pm.  

Another visit to the Whitworth for the Chandelier.

Come and help fix and create earrings for The Chandelier of Lost Earrings! Join us the artists, Sharon Campbell and Lauren Sagar in the development of this Arts Council England supported sculpture.
Come for 5 minutes or an hour. You don't need to bring anything except some imagination.