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14 March 2013

Update Chandelier NEWS or how cold can you go!

layers and too cold

moving day
In studio, a teaser of the structure


the cold, setbacks and moving forward!

Setbacks: the usual would be having a virus, or ill kids at this time of year, well or course we did that, and added a few extras challenges, A studio to cold to move our fingers in, Lauren recovering from a broken wrist, handy (excuse the pun) considering our work, having to buy new car (second hand) and a couple of the machines used by the designers building the structure broke, and the chain suppliers rather confused!! And we have still made progress on the beautiful Chandelier (I've left out a few things) SO any potential employers out there, we are awesomely skilled at working within challenging situations and overcoming hurdles!

The Beginning of Jan and a Happy bloody breezing New Year and our first Job was to move studio!! No mean feat. Our own Studio had become so cold that we could only manage 2 hours before retreating to a cafe to warm through and then do another couple of hours. We realised that our fingers just couldn't manage the dexterity needed for 2500 odd earrings.

Amazingly and Thank you, Lime Art came to our rescue, after exhausting all other options and were about to consider using my home, not really a viable option with two children, sitting around the the all purpose dining table in the main room would have given a whole new meaning of 'being consumed by ones art work'.

Now happily cosy and ensconced in temporary new studio, thought it would be time to share photos and where we are up to.

The electrics are in the Yard of the hospital, which will be the chandeliers first home. A big thank-you to Dawn of Lime Art who pushed this task through for us. I should explain that Lime Art is an award-winning arts charity within the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and has supported us from the beginning of the project.

We have had help from friends and family to put chain on parts of the structure, (little give away of how final sculpture might look) and to adjust earrings so they can hang, as well as fixing any broken earrings.
We now appreciate the enormity of attaching the row upon row of chain.........
Particular thanks to two Photographers Sara Duncan and Aine Porrill Poulton who have come in and helped to document the earrings and our work in their creative way.

Despite the set back with the structure, machines don't seem to understand deadlines, the structure is in the studio! Having tried various design combinations layouts with the earrings, and  much tweaking of the design  and how earrings can hang, we are very keen to start trial all of this on the final structure - exciting!

ps we have jinxed the heating here at Lime........oh no the Victorian boiler has broken!

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