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13 July 2011

Li Lu live in the House with 'In Love with Bach' cello music

The Yard was 'alive with the sound of music.....' 

Imagine a contemporary 3-D Kandinsky painting,  that was the Summer House!  

With great thanks to Li Lu, for Bach's The solo cello suites, and Garth Williams for his photography.  Check out Li Lu's web site and her 'In Love with Bach'  Cd.
All Photographs credits go to Garth Williams-Hulbert

Getting ready........hmm where to play, stand, sit

This energetic pop-up exhibition a 'happening' is the beginning of an exciting consultation with LiLu, cellist and us at Sagar and Campbell realising initial concepts for her new project, with Garth, film maker and Photographer, documenting the projects journey.  

Classical Cello music, twirling yellow golden movement, flying notes and hair whisked around, almost in synergy with the Glass houses other worldly floating creatures in pink and green.

Li Lu gave a dynamic performance inside the Glass house, with the deep almost bassy sound of the cello reverberating through the glass, into the yard then drifting into the hospital waiting areas, it seemed to go into the very soul of one. 

Another ethereal and dreamy transformation. 

Fabulous fun, uplifting, creative, good company, ideas whizzing around and all the while being filmed on and off, and trying to 'behave naturally'. 
Who would want to do that!

Consultation of Project Idea
Bringing the Bach Solo cello suites into the public realm, with new audiences, unusual venues, we are suporting a concept for a  visually strangely stunning, designed for purpose.......curiosity (well that would be letting the cat out of the bag) which, will pull the audience into the musically happening......

It was very hard to choose just a few images, as you can see, today I have not limited myself, like a kid in a sweetie shop......

Thank you for viewing our blog, this day was like soul food, it kept a creative light going.
Image below is one of ours, taken of Garth and Lauren snapping away.