Donated Earrings

Please do Donate your Lost Earrings to: Lime Arts, High Elms
Upper Park Road
, Manchester
M14 5RU Thank you FB Chandelier of lost earrings @summerhouseart

28 March 2012

In the south manchester reporter 22nd march


Some of the donated earrings, displayed for the newspaper article,

The SOUTH MANCHESTER REPORTER, has put in an article on our latest project, Chandelier of the Lost Earrings.  We asked the staff who see the Summer House every day, what they liked and would like to see more of; they wanted light, colour and movement within the courtyard, so we have developed the idea of a chandelier to hang within it. It will be made of all those odd earrings kept lonely in a draw, just in case we find the lost half.  Nurses have already donated lots and lots of earrings, and more are now arriving after people saw us in the paper. A fabulous response.
Please watch this space, we will keep you updated on our progress and on the funding we are creating, in order to make the structure.


19 March 2012

Old hospital sheets become latest Pop up art!

Annie Harrison has collected hundreds of disused old hospital Sheets and used them as installation material to respond to various setting, the latest being the Summer house, showing during the 'Culture Shots' Galleries and Museums Week Feb '12.  see the sheets in Platt Hall, Platt fields Park Manchester