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14 November 2011

A house of Origami cranes

The Birds gently fluttered into the the summer house, on an updraft of air, white, with glimpses of green and pink winking through the glass.

On July 27th we put large, (28x23cm, so they would be seen) white origami paper cranes in the house.
They seem to fly and swoop all around us!
The look soft and yet slightly surprising, paper cranes flying?

The idea of paper and glass,

working harmoniously together, is an intriguing concept. Both materials can be ambiguous; glass, fragile, breaks yet very strong, used to build with and paper, soft easily torn, yet a paper cuts hurts, and pa-pier mac-he used for armour, both here worked delicately together.

The themes associated with origami cranes, peace, good wishes and well being seemed appropriate to the woman's hospital courtyard, it just had to be done.