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30 January 2012

Culture Shots - Art bites

The Glass Summer house, in St Marys Hospital, the women's courtyard, is to be part of the 'Art Bites', mini tours led by a Manchester Art Gallery guide around the hospitals art, during the Culture Shots  "Museums and Galleries Week" 6th Feb - 12th Feb 2012.

Very exciting, and will coincides with the new Pop Up!

(words below taken from web site)
How does culture make a difference?
Cultural experiences can help improve health and well being, and can result in benefits that range from the physiological to the emotional."

 +Culture Shots is a week-long series of taster events run by museums and galleries that are designed specifically for health professionals. Planned to fit around the busy working day, these short sessions (some are ‘drop-in’ – just stay for a minute or two; others are twenty or thirty minutes long) take place at all five hospitals sites: Manchester Royal Infirmary, The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Saint Mary’s Hospital, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and University Dental Hospital of Manchester."

To read more and for a programme of events click here

25 January 2012

Coming soon.......more pop up art......but who, what and when

A new Art installation will appear shortly by another artist, who has gamely taken on the challenge to  put up an art work within one day, which responds to the Summer house site!

Think I will keep the artists name quiet until the exhibition is here, a lovely surprise to look forward too.

13 January 2012

An orange Christmas ribbon extravaganza

 Happy New Year.......this is a belated January posting (the New Year cogs in my brain are now turning, and I'm back with everyone into a routine, yes even artists like routine, well this one does) of the pre-Christmas fun and games we had 'dressing the tree' or rather the Summer House.
This was exciting because the staff in department had started the process by putting in a lovely white Christmas tree and using the structure from the previous installation, to hang baubles freely around the inside of the 'house'. Exciting because our purpose was for the art to engage people, particularly the hospital community, who would then feel an ownership of it. 
So we planned around what they had done with the resources we had to hand, (there isn't a materials budget for these Pop ups, so resourceful is our middle name) to make sure we could create a 'decorated house'.

I'd like to point out the 'fun and games' of untangling 10 lots of ribbon that is 10 metres in length, here untangling rope skills from climbing came into there own!

05 January 2012

Summer house featured on radio show Artbeat Allfm

On a wintry cold day at the Glass Summer House in early December 2011 Myself and Lauren were interviewed for radio by Andrew Edwards who then did a fabulous job of turning our chatter into a radio broadcast for ALLfm  'Artbeat' and Gaydio. It was quite something to be put on the spot and answer questions about our art work, and I think we managed to make some sense??

Listen to 'Artbeat' here and let us know!

A picture of Andrew in action talking to Sharon.
An enjoyable experience, and now have a taste for it.
Many thanks Andrew.