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Please do Donate your Lost Earrings to: Lime Arts, High Elms
Upper Park Road
, Manchester
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03 February 2012

Sheets in the house The next Pop Up

Annie Harrison is installing the next Pop Up,  and should be finishing it today.

See more of Annie's Art work and installations on
Artist Annie and Bob, balancing many sheets
Grace and Hannah, thank you for Volunteering to help!

01 February 2012

Spring clean in the Yard

Cleaning up day at the summer house, suitably attired in overalls, the house has been spruced up for spring and next Pop Up. And on view as ever,  I asked myself how we must look, 'Mrs Mops' with mops and bucket, hose and weird bean pole with cloth attached to end, so we could reach the top of roof!?

So it was interesting during an informal chat with a member of staff, to find staff are curious and keep asking each other 'what are they doing', but not quite comfortable to ask as. Kindly the staff member we were chatting to encouraged them that we were just ordinary people doing our job,  and they should just ask us what we were up to. Which, of course we'd be more than happy to do, so next time we'll go 'walk about' and chat to any staff we find who have a moment. And maybe we'll add a quote or two to our blog, from our chats!