Donated Earrings

Please do Donate your Lost Earrings to: Lime Arts, High Elms
Upper Park Road
, Manchester
M14 5RU Thank you FB Chandelier of lost earrings @summerhouseart

25 April 2012

Lots and lots of donated Earrings- Thank You

A big thank you to all the people, who have sent in lovely Earrings to be part of the Chandelier.

We still need people to support and back the project on  People Fund it, do check it out and help.

We really want to make sure that Art continues to thrive in Hospitals, it is an evidenced benefit to patients well being and recovery time.

A big thank you to all our backers who are pledging money to support the building of the chandelier structure and lighting.

Please do keep sending in the lost earrings  - to Lime Arts, High Elms, Upper Park Rd, Manchester, M14 5RU


Here are some that have been donated, I'll post more pictures tomorrow.....they will all look marvellous in the Chandelier.

 Many of the earrings received have come with short notes, pictures,  telling us when the women had had there babies at St Marys Hospital, which is where the chandelier will be hung (in the Summer Glass house).

 It feels like the chandelier project has struck a chord with people, where we can all be involved creatively to a certain degree, to give other women using the hospital a beautiful and sparkling visual piece of Eye candy whilst waiting for appointments, treatment or to have there babies!

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