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Please do Donate your Lost Earrings to: Lime Arts, High Elms
Upper Park Road
, Manchester
M14 5RU Thank you FB Chandelier of lost earrings @summerhouseart

31 August 2012

The Best most Fabulous News!

The Chandelier of Lost Earrings.......

To say both myself and Lauren are excited would be an understatement. This will fund its design, materials creating it and installation.

I know this isn't a Grammy award.....but....without the mass support we have received with, lost earrings sent in and financial donations, this project would not have been possible,  

OK better get busy we have a chandelier to make... back to business..

Next Collection of Lost Earrings will be at Victoria Baths Manchester Heritage open day, Sunday 9th September.

Bring your lost earrings and stories along, be part of the Chandelier!

Read previous posts for the history of the project and lovely pictures and check out
FB Chandelier of Lost Earrings

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