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08 November 2012

Morning at Levy Market Marketing!

I have to start with an Earring,  photographs of Levy market ones will follow on another blog day

A remarkable much needed sunny Autumn Blue sky day for handing out the last of the Fliers Appealing for all those lost, lonely earrings.
The place for this, my local Market, a new development since spring, a colourful vibrant market, with much home made and crafted goods, livening up Levenshulme - Levy for short to all those who live here and love it. What a lot of L's in that sentence.

 The next market is on Saturday 24th November.

I did have a good time handing out fliers, as people and stall holders were all so receptive to the Chandelier. And also I received earrings from two stall holders, very lovely ones, thank you to you both.

I did also managed to fit in (after working) a coffee and catch up with friends, in our Local independent cafe POD, its in the old levenshulme post office, hence Post Office Deli.

Strange and coincidentally.....
Art and Design POD of Liverpool John Moores University, is also the name of the the Designers who are collaborating with us to create the structure and helped to create the fabulous font for the Chandelier.  I would reveal drawings and images of our work together, but feel this would spoil the pleasure of the surprise. Suffice to say we are very much enjoying collaborating together!


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