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05 November 2012

Press releases and PR skills

Last few weeks have concentrated on this area.
A steep learning curve of necessary skills and lack of experience, none of it related directly to art, bit of a shocker......a key area of this project is the PR! We know what it is and have done it before in minor ways, but a big push was needed.
Radio, very local and regional, Press again local and regional and even TV local northwest news tonight, these were the aims and all these need personal contacts and the sending of Press Releases. The art of writing a Press release that is read!  After much dithering about the etiquette of writing said Press release the decision that again Action over no Action, wins......JUST SEND IN SOMETHING!!

And Lauren has Triumphed, Women's hour, and Invited!! We are awaiting this to happen.
We achieved Local press and an afternoon interview with Liz Kershaw and a live phone in appeal with Andy Crane on Drive time, both with the BBC Manchester, for before our Open Rogue Studio event.
It seemed like it was going to be an unsuccessful, non-appearance on Northwest tonight, we were bumped off at the last minute.....I even know the PR lingo now. But then without warning three days later, we appeared on Northwest tonight, in our studio talking about the earrings, for nearly 10 seconds, blink and its gone.

Result lots of lovely lone earrings for the chandelier.

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